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Last updated:  March 30, 2011

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            Dear colleagues,

         The purpose of this second conference of the series is to encourage research in mathematical modeling in the life sciences with special focus on issues of model validation and model application in medical and clinical areas.

Modeling in the life sciences often leads to the conundrum that a) such models need sufficient detail to be able to represent the array of complex biological and physiological interactions seen at various functional levels and hence models in this area usually contain many parameters while b) these models are often difficult to validate and apply, especially in the clinical setting where non-invasive or otherwise restricted testing generates only a limited set of data from which parameters can be estimated.  These problems represent an important challenge to current research.

The topics in this conference will examine the state of the art in this important area of research and focus on methods for modeling that address the problems and challenges mentioned above.  Special emphasis will be placed on the problem of effective clinical application of such complex models.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Istanbul Conference on Mathematical Methods and Modeling in Life Sciences and Biomedicine this coming August.


On behalf of The Scientific and Organizing Committees,

Prof. Okay Celebi,

Yeditepe University

Department of Mathematics